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ABC Kecap Manis 600 ml

Manning Impex

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Kecap manis is a treacly sweet, thick, Indonesian variety of soy sauce. 

It still has distinctive salty-fermented notes, but is sweetened with palm sugar, and has far stronger flavours than traditional Chinese soy sauce.

Kecap manis resembles molasses in its consistency, meaning that it is often served as a condiment. It is also used as a cooking ingredient in traditional South East Asian dishes, particularly stir fries such as nasi goreng or to flavour tongseng meat stews.

Ingredients: Sugar (76%), water, salt, soya bIean (2%), wheat (contains gluten), preservative sodium benzoate. Allergens listed in bold. Brand may vary depending on availability.

  • Origin: Indonesia

  • Size: 600ml