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Fresh Thai Small Red Chillies 50g 泰国小辣椒

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Small Red Chillies / Peppers 50g

Thai Name: Prik Ki Noo Dang

There are many different types of chillies found in Thailand, hence the common belief that all Thai dishes are extremely spicy, but actually these different chillies are used in many different ways and can create a wide variety of flavors.

The small Thai red chilli is about one inch in length but packs a serious punch for its small size. The small red Thai chilli is the hottest of the pepper family. Sometimes red chillies are served raw, or in fish sauce to garnish a dish. Other times they are stir-fried right in with your entree, or they may also be dried in the sun and ground into a powder to be added to a dish at your own discretion.

Regardless of the form these chillies are very popular in Thai cuisine and a prominent ingredient in such popular dishes as chicken basil/krapow kay, chicken in coconut soup/tom kha kay, fried rice of any style/khaaw pad, as well as fried king mackerel/plaa inseed thaut.

Fresh product of Thailand.