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KR Brand UHT Coconut Milk 200ml 椰奶

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Coconut milk (nohm gati in Thai) is very popular in most South-East Asian countries, as it is used in many of the Thai curries and soups. The milk itself comes from grated white coconut meat. Coconut milk is believed to assist in the lowering of LDL, a form of cholesterol which is harmful at high levels. It also helps to raise levels of more desirable fatty substances that the body needs in order to function optimally. Like coriander, coconut milk is known for its immunity boosting properties. Some of its components are also known to inhibit some of the effects of aging.

Coconut milk and oil contain fat - but this is good, not bad fat. Coconut milk:
• lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), while promoting good cholesterol
• boosts immunity
• modulates metabolic functions
• provides valuable fatty acids which most people in the West are lacking
• fights aging

This coconut milk can be used for making cakes, candies, cookies, ice cream, coconut jam (kaya), curries and other preparations where coconut milk is required.

Store at room temperature and shake well before use. This product has a natural tendency to separate and solidify in cold temperature. It will return to normal after heating. Once opened, store contents in an appropriate container, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.