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J-Basket Unagi Kabayaki Aponica 9 oz (255g - 282g) - Japanese Barbecued Eel 冷凍浦燒鳗鱼


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Grilled eels (unagi) have been a popular Japanese dish for thousands of years. It was once a common and fairly inexpensive meal. But with the dwindling eel population, it has because a relatively expensive delicacy.

Many people believe that eel gives extra stamina during the hottest time of the year. Therefore, it’s customary to eat barbecued eel on the Day of the Ox in the summer. To this day, eel is imported into Japan to maintain this custom.

Grilled unagi is prized for its rich flavor and texture – crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Traditionally, eels are grilled over hot charcoals and then steamed to remove excess fat. Then they’re glazed with a sweet sauce and grilled again. But the high heat of a SABER® grill can burn off the excess fat without having to steam it.

How to Serve Barbecued Eel

Depending on your dinner, you may want to serve eel on skewers as appetizers or as the main entree with a bed of rice (unagi don).

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