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A1 Bak Kut Teh Spices 35g 马来西亚肉骨茶香料

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Malaysian brand A1's Soup Spices is available in a 35g packet which contains the spice mix of a traditional Malaysian Bak Kut Teh – a type of pork ribs in spices and herbal soup. This soup is also called Rempahan soup. It is inspired by Chinese cuisine. Bak Kut Teh literally means 'meat bone tea'.

A1 Soup Spices
Rempahan Sup

2 kg meats, 8 pieces of garlic, 2 spoons of black soya sauce, 4 spoons of light soya sauce, 2 spoons of oyster sauce, salt, MSG, 10 bowls (1.5 litre) of water and two packets of A1 Soup Spices (35g). Reduce half of the above ingredients if only 1 kg of meat is used.

Cooking Instructions:
1. Rinse meat
2. When water is boiled, put in meat and A1 Soup Spices and use medium heat to cook for 30 minutes. Add in soya sauce, oyster sauce, MSG and salt until meat is fully cooked
3. Add pepper before serving

Storage Condition: Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool and dry place.
Ingredients:  Cinnamon (15%), Angelica Pepper (12%), Aralia Cordata (10%), Sinensis (10%), Star Anise (10%), Pauranti (10%), Cigusticum (10%), Radix Rehmanniae (10%), Rhizoma Atractylodis (5%), Liquorice (5%), Rhizoma Lingustic (3%).

肉骨茶在马来西亚,星加坡,台湾和中国一代是一种非常著名的药材汤。而A1公司所研制的“A1山标 - A1商标槟城肉骨茶王”是混合100%药材和独家特制的香料而成的!并且没有添加任何食品添加剂,防腐剂和肉味素(肉精);此外也适合素食者食用。


烹调肉骨茶可选用各类肉骨、菇类、大蒜和豆朴。汤底方面则加入酱油, 黑酱油,盐,糖或味精做为调味料。(肉骨茶可依据个人口味烹调出“白肉骨茶”或“黑肉骨茶”,两者皆是大众喜欢和可接受的口味。)


A1公司所研制的“A1山标 - A1商标槟城肉骨茶王”可烹调各种肉类如烹制牛骨、羊排骨、鸡肉、素羊肉或素食排骨等。在马来西亚肉骨茶非常著名的传统药材和香料汤,也可俗称:“REMPAHAN SUP TULANG”。不但如此,A1山标 - A1商标槟城肉骨茶王”也荣获马来西亚回教公会所颁发的清真食品“HALAL”认证书,所以非常适合各各种族使用。