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Suree Coconut Milk 400ml 泰式椰奶

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Coconut milk from Suree consists of 81.82% coconut extract. Due to the thicker coconut milk / cream, it is ideal for cooking or adding into dessert, making it creamy and creamy.

Coconut milk is made from grated pulp of the coconut that is mixed and kneaded with water. The first squeezed thick mixture is called coconut cream or santan and the second pressing is called coconut milk. In Asian and Indonesian cuisine coconut milk is very common, it is prepared in sweet or savory dishes.

Instructions For Use:  Suree coconut milk can be added to curries as required to add a creamy, sweet and nutty flavour. Suree coconut milk can also be used in puddings to add sweetness and a unique flavour. Shake well before use.

Store at room temperature and shake well before use. This product has a natural tendency to separate and solidify in cold temperature. It will return to normal after heating. Once opened, store contents in an appropriate container, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.